Why Kinetico of Missoula and Ravalli?

For a brilliantly simple approach that fits your needs.
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When you work with us you will recieve:

  • A thorough, complete and well explained on-site test of your water
  • A responsive discussion about your specific water quality concerns
  • A custom water treatment system designed to meet your specific needs
  • Good, better, best systems options to meet both your water quality concerns and budget
  • Meticulous recorded pre-installation digital photos and instructions to insure our installation technician meets your equipment installation expectations
  • Punctual, knowledgeable, neat, and laptop equipped, Kinetico factory trained service and installation technicians who try hard to get it right the first time
  • Post installation photos and installation records are stored in our database to enhance future customer support
  • Follow up calls during the first year after installation to ensure your expectations are met and your system in working properly
  • Kinetico’s lifetime customer care commitment is real and supported by custom service software Our database provides comprehensive service scheduling, history, maintenance, water analysis, and timed-right maintenance service over the life of your system
  • The above 9 step process is how we deliver on our promise  

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Our Promise

It is our responsibility to provide water quality information honestly, objectively and without high-pressure sales tactics. A water treatment system should not be complicated, wasteful or harmful to the environment.

What we stand for

Kinetico was built from the ground up with Montanans in mind from the beginning, and as a result we treat our local customers as if we know them personally. We know about everything “water” and it is likely that we can find what is wrong with your system just by listening to the facts. Often times, we might be able to find out your problem based on where you live! Our installers and technicians are experts at helping you get the water system you need, with as much help as you need, as we pride ourselves on being as thorough as possible. All we care about is that you get the quality water system you need, and that any issue you have is solved by the time we leave.

We want to permanently fix your water quality problems and have you as a customer and neighbor for life. We have been in Western Montana for over 30 years. If you were to get a water treatment system from us and it does not meet your expectations or is not serviced properly, you would not be a happy customer. You naturally would tell your neighbor, who would tell his neighbor, etc. The nice thing about living in Montana is you probably know your neighbor and in addition there aren’t too many of them. Put another way we need every customer we can get and it’s important that you are happy! This just makes good sense as well as contributing to a good sense of community.  

Our Water Treatment Process

Simply stated - With your input, we define your water problem - explain the best options - provide a written proposal defining methods & expenses. This is provided at no cost. We want to solve your water quality problems in a way that works for you and your budget. This is what makes us different. We support your system after the sale and work to provide water solutions that are  low maintenance and long term. Like a lot Montana residents, we are a small diverse firm with  abilities focused on what we know, to serve our local western Montana customers.

What We Do

After we take a look at your water problems we recommend solutions for your water quality needs. Kinetico can supply an array of water filters that guard against hardness, sulfur (rotten egg smell), high acidic water, microbiology contaminants, and iron. The installation of a water softener will make your hard water non existent. Our customized reverse osmosis and carbon drinking water systems produce sparkling, great tasting water.  Water treatment systems can protect your family from an array of harmful agents and make life simpler.

Look around this site. You may want to start with our Western Montana Water Problems page. If you can't find what you are looking for or want specific information, complete the Quick Quote or Water Analysis form. Or if it works better for you,  just call us at (406) 728-6400 or (406) 363-1782.

A Recent Customer Review:

Overall Quality of work                                 (Excellent)
Technicians Neat/clean                               (Excellent)
Courteous                                                  (Excellent)
Value of work done                                     (Excellent)
Would you call the company again?             (Yes)



Kinetico 4040 Water Softener

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