Why Kinetico of Missoula and Ravalli?

For a brilliantly simple approach that fits all your water needs.     728-6400   363-1782

Montana appreciates the Kinetico difference, Simply stated - With your input, we define your water problem - explain the best options - provide a written proposal defining methods & expense. This is provided at no cost.
What makes us different? Our owner wears a bow-tie! Now granted that does not have a lot to do with water quality, but wanting to permanently fix, not inherit your water quality problem does!  If you get a water treatment system and it does not meet your expectations, you are not a happy customer and in that sense we have inherited  your problem water. That's not a good business model. We want to solve your water quality problems in a way that works for you and your budget. This is what makes us different. We support your system after the sale and work to provide water solutions that are  low maintenace and long term.  Like a lot Montana residents, we are a small diverse firm with  abilities focused on what we know, to serve our local western Montana customers.

Look around this site. You may want to start @ Western Montana Water Problems. After review if you can't find what you are looking for and/or want specific information, complete a Quick Quote or Water Analysis form. Or if it works better for you call us @406- 728-6400 or 406- 363-1782.

Owner's Promise

It is our responsibility to provide water quality information honestly, objectively and without high-pressure sales tactics. A water improvement system should not be complicated, wasteful or harmful to the environment. Any time you have concerns or questions please contact me directly by calling 406-363-1782, 728-6400

Customer Review

Overall Quality of work                                 (Excellent)
Technicians Neat/clean                                (Excellent)
Courteous                                                    (Excellent)
Value of work done                                      (Excellent)
Would you call the company again?            (Yes)
Great service! Tim(service technician) was awesome and made sure to work with my older plumbing. Chad (Sales person) was great to work with and he was very informative and courteous. T. C.

Kinetico 4040 Water Softener